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A Custom In-ground Pool is a long term investment.

We construct both Residential and Public Custom Concrete and Residential Fiberglass in-ground Pools.


Our sister store Pool Pro offers all professional pool services, free water testing and advice.


We strive to create pools that are:

•  a backyard environment

•  an attractive place to where you are drawn for relaxation

•  a reason to enjoy more time outdoors.


Whether a simple pool or a spectacular "big boulder waterfall waterpark" we will combine our artistic creativity with the latest in materials and equipment to make you smile for years to come! Using our own seasoned skilled employees and performing the project ourselves allows us to select and use only the best materials and to apply these materials in tried and true methods - which enables our work to have the longest warranties in the industry.


We've been constructing in-ground residential and commercial concrete pools for almost 30 years and will aid you in achieving a great pool while also getting "the most bang for the buck!" We use state of the art Pentair equipment properly configured to make your pool as maintenance free as possible, and Pool Pro, our sister store on Rte 309 in Coopersburg, will professionally, happily, and economically assist you with all of your pool needs - 7 days a week! We will also attempt to beat pricing with any "big box" builder - and we guarantee a higher quality, longer lasting, and more aesthetically pleasing pool experience!


Before selecting a builder for your pool construction...

In an effort to help you properly compare other pool construction companies (and their products, materials, methods, warranties, and payments) we have gathered what we feel are the necessary questions to which any new pool client should have answers. This guide will help to enable you in making the wisest choices and in comparing important answers from competing builders - and the answers are in writing! (The analogy we use is that most people only buy one pool in their lives, and if you have never owned a car what questions would you ask the car salesman?!) Please feel free to download the "Builder's Checklist" - both blank and the one filled out by us - and our Pool Pricing Guide. This way you can compare and contrast before we builders are sitting at your kitchen table!

Visit our Showroom & Displays
1619 West End Blvd. (Rt. 309)
Quakertown, PA  18951


Print Our Brochure...

From simple to exotic - we will build smiles!


Our goal is to work with you to achieve a backyard environment that is...

•  imaginative •  affordable •  quality

...and on budget! We love design challenges and our full time engineer will also happily work with your architect and landscaper!


Unlike other builders we don't just hire other contractors to build our pools - we still do it the old fashioned way. We construct your pool with our own seasoned and skilled employees! (Please see our Reference List) Please feel free to download our "Builder Checklist" and require all bidders to fill it in - you'll be surprised how many "builders" are actually commission driven salespeople. Our Builder's Checklist form is four pages of the questions for which anyone pool shopping should have written answers - important questions that you may not know to ask (and may want written answers to later!). We are also the only in ground Custom Concrete and Fiberglass Pool Builder who supplies our pool pricing and pool options pricing online, please check the "Pool Package" page.


If you would like to set up an appointment, or simply to kick around some ideas, please give us a call. Or stop by the store to see hundreds of pictures of Residential and Public Projects and pick our brains. We look forward to serving you.

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Woods' Pools & Waterfalls
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Pool Pro Pa
Address:  201 S. 3rd Street, Coopersburg, PA  18036
Phone:  610.282.9500
Email:  sales@poolpropa.com




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