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A Message From the Owners

It is with profound sadness that we learned the identity of the victim of the crash.  We've all had heavy hearts over this tragic death, but we learned today that the sorrow over this loss is unimaginably more profound.  The poor soul's name is Quissy Hall.  She had two gorgeous young daughters and was carrying a third.  Our hearts are breaking and will be forever healing...

How powerless are we all in times like these.

In these past 24 hours, we have been overwhelmed by the boundless generosity of so very many. We love you all, you are so very important. We will be setting up a "Go fund me" page for beloved Quissy and her daughters and ask that we do all we can to somehow help buffer this overwhelming tragedy. Please tell those around you that you love them, tell them how important they are. Love and prayers, Annette and Dave

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